Our brands

In 1881, Olives Garcia was born and, over the years, it positioned itself as a benchmark brand of quality and tradition; by betting on the development of products of high gastronomic level, careful quality and the experience provided by more than 130 years of history. It has a wide range of olives and pickles in different formats and for different sales channels.

In 2017, we created our second brand La Sénia in order to open the way to new markets. It is presented in 9Kg buckets (drained net weight) and 4Kg containers (drained net weight). The olives available are Partida, Sabor Anchoa, Cóctel, Gazpachera and Mojo Picón.

In 2021, we launched Garcia Gourmet for the most demanding palates, combining top quality olives with more exquisite flavors. They are presented in 180g glass jars (drained net weight) and the olives available are Bombas, Golden, Chupadedos, Partida del Abuelo and Mojo Picón.




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