Olives García

Since 1881

5 Generations producing olives

Olives García

With more than one hundred and thirty years of history, Olives García. S.A is without a doubt one of the leading olive and pickle brands in the Valencian Community. Since its foundation in 1881, and with five generations dedicated to the production of olives, the evolution of the firm in the market has been constant thanks to its commitment to the development of products of high gastronomic level, careful quality and excellent service.

Highest quality, unbeatable taste

Our Products

At Olives García S.A, we work to offer the highest quality in all our products, and all of them are made in a natural and artisanal way. Our desire is to surprise the most demanding palates with a wide variety of magnificent flavors and textures, which makes our products the perfect choice of prestige and excellence.




More than one hundred and thirty years producing olives

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