We are on TVE1 - Olives García. Aceitunas en Benigánim, Valencia.

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We are on TVE1


Last January the 20 th we could watch a small sample of our products in "Cocina con Sergio" program on Channel tve1.

The program lasts 28:53 minutes, but if you want to watch when they talk about our products, you must watch the minute 1,26 and then the minute 22,20. The cook shows some details, such as how can we grill our green pickled peppers together with other vegetables, or also how can we fry our pickled onions with some sugar to create an original and tasteful dish.


Cooking with Sergio.
Stuffed escalope with orange and cinnamon.

If you want to enjoy this recipe completely just click in the video.
If you want to watch when the cook talks about our products, you can advance the video to the minute you desire.

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